Dog Obedience Training Commands to Teach Your Dog


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Dogs are fun animals, and sometimes their fun may go overboard. Dog Obedience Training Commands will help you have control over your dog.

If he does not know his boundaries, the fun may turn to embarrassment in the presence of your guests.

There are some basic dog commands you must teach your dog before you teach them anything else.

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Your loving dog can quickly turn into a nuisance without proper training. If you want to enjoy quality time with your dog, you need to teach him/her some obedience commands.

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With just ten commands, you can have total control over your dog. Here are the top ten obedience training commands that will help you get control over your dog.
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Contents show1. Look2. Sit3. Stay4.Heel – Dog Obedience Training Commands6. Come7.Lie Down8. Leave it9. Stop – Dog Obedience Training Commands10.Drop It – Dog Obedience Training Commands

1. Look

This may not seem as important to you but the fact is that you need to teach your dog to look at you. It should be the first thing you teach your dog.

By training your dog to look at you, you make the work of training him to become more comfortable.

Your dog may be easily distracted by other things during training sessions. A proper understanding of the “look” command will be beneficial in this case.

2. Sit

This is the first command most people teach their dogs. Sit is a critical obedience command to teach your dog since it will help in many cases.

When you do not want your dog to be active, you can simply tell him to sit down.

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However, sit on its own may not do much. Sit becomes effective when combined with other commands such as stay.

A “sit and stay” command will put your dog where you want it to be.
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3. Stay

Stay in your arsenal when it comes to calming down your dog. This is a very important command since it determines how active your dog can be.

By teaching your dog to stay, you get to teach them more skills. You can train them on time to go out and time to stay indoors.

If you want your dog to keep calm when you have visitors at home, you can simply use a sit and stay command.

When training your dog obedience commands, let “stay” be on the top of the list.

4.Heel – Dog Obedience Training Commands

This command trains your dog to stay at your heels. This is an essential command to help you control your dog when you are on the move.

When you find your self in a crowd, you can use this command to ensure that your dog is always behind you.

It is also important when your dog is off leash. With proper usage of “heel” command, you can always give your dog freedom and move around without necessarily having him on a leash.

6. Come

This may sound simple, but it has a lot of impact on your dog’s obedience. It is a command that will come in handy when you have to control your dog in public.

If your dog keeps wandering off in a public place, you may find yourself in trouble.

This command will help you bring him close to you so that you can put him on a leash or give more commands.

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The “come” command can also be combined with other commands such as sit and stay to help calm your dog down.
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7.Lie Down

This is the ultimate dog calming command. This command will help you get control over a restless dog by just telling him/her to lie down.

This command is also essential in helping you train the dog other techniques such as “roll.”

When you have visitors and your dog is misbehaving, the ‘lie down’ command is your best tool.

However, it also needs to be used together with the “stay” command.

Some dogs may interpret lie down as “lie and stay” while others will lie for a moment and stand up again.

You should ensure that you are clear about the meaning of each command during training.

8. Leave it

This is essential since it helps you protect your dog from dangerous things.

Dogs like chewing things and your dog may get its teeth on a harmful substance once in a while.

The “leave it” command will help you protect the dog from such things.

Your dog may also be destructive. Due to dogs’ playful nature, he/she may hold on to something precious like your cloth.

Use the leave it command to get control of your dog in such circumstances.

9. Stop – Dog Obedience Training Commands

This is the most important one of dog obedience training commands. It can be used to stop the dog from doing anything.

Once your dog learns the meaning of stop, you will teach them how to stay still and wait for further commands.

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The command can be used when your dog is walking ahead of you in public.

You can use the stop command to make him wait for you then use the heel command to make him stay behind you.

The “stop” command can also be used when your dog is aggressive towards guests or when he is destructive. “Stop” should serve as a warning command to your dog.
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10.Drop It – Dog Obedience Training Commands

This is essential when your dog has already got something in their mouth that could be dangerous. If you could not stop him, use the “drop it” command.

Some dogs may ignore a “stop” command when what they are picking looks delicious.

However, when you follow it up with a “drop it” command, the dog knows when it has crossed the boundaries.

The “drop it” command can be handy in protecting your dog against harmful substances too.

Dogs are charming and fascinating animals. They are always energetic and like having fun with us.

However, without proper obedience training, your dog may not be as much fun. The fun you enjoy with your dog is only useful when you have control over him.

To ensure that you have quality time with your dog, teach him/her these obedience commands.

These obedience commands are also essential in keeping your dog safe. Dogs are curious animals. They will try to taste plenty of things they come across- even harmful ones.

With the proper use of commands, you can help protect your dog against such harmful substances.

Most importantly, obedience commands help you teach your dog etiquette at the table.

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