Top 10 Benefits Of Having A Pug


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Pug is a popular choice among dog owners due to its affectionate and playful nature. This dog is a show-off that likes to entertain everyone in the family and has a fun loving personality that distinguishes it from other dog breeds.

The pug is a beautiful pet that is very friendly to kids and extraordinarily devoted and loyal to its owner. Purebred pugs are small in size with a stocky physique, a condensed snout, low to the ground and have large expressive eyes.

They have short hair that does not shed frequently compared to other dogs with long hair. Most pugs weigh less than 18 pounds in body weight and are black, white or fawn.

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These dogs were common among the Buddhist monks in 400 B.C before they were brought into the European countries by Dutch traders. If you are looking for a fun loving pet dog, then the pug is right for you. Here are the top 10 benefits of having a pug.

Contents show1. Good temperament2. A Funny Personality3. A Good Apartment Dog4. An Excellent Pet5. Friendly To Other Pets6. It’s A Low Exercise Dog7. Health Benefit8. A Gentle And Passive Dog9. A Highly Intelligent dog10.Life SpanAgreed? Share With Your Friends

1. Good temperament

A pug is a dignified and calm dog that is amiable and funny. It exhibits a child-like personality that is comical, sweet and charming. This dog is an attention seeker and rarely barks unless provoked or startled. Its friendly personality makes it a perfect choice for people with kids since it’s not an aggressive dog.

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2. A Funny Personality

This dog is regarded as a perfect therapist especially for people who are sad or lonely. They cuddle and comfort you whenever you need them.

3. A Good Apartment Dog

The pugs do not require a lot of physical activity. Thus they need less space and will be comfortable in a small house or apartment.

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4. An Excellent Pet

The pug is an excellent family dog and pet since its always happy in the presence of family or its owner. Due to its small size and portability, a pug can be carried around as you travel on vacations.

The pug is an adorable dog that is cute, intelligent and a loyal companion to its masters or owners. This breed is an ideal pet and family dog due to its adventurous nature and fun personality that makes it lovable by both the young and old.

5. Friendly To Other Pets

The pug is a polite dog that is friendly to other pets in the home like cats. Do not worry about living your pug with other pets; they make great friends.

6. It’s A Low Exercise Dog

This dog does not require rigorous exercises to keep it fit and happy; it’s a low energy dog that loves staying at home.

7. Health Benefit

Research shows that owning a pug can positively contribute to your physical and emotional well-being. People who hold this dog tend to be more healthy in mind and body due to its therapeutic effect.

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8. A Gentle And Passive Dog

A pug is the most gentle among all dog breeds. This dog can tolerate provocation from a child without biting and is extremely protective of the home.

9. A Highly Intelligent dog

A pug is one of the most intelligent dogs due to its charming and comical expressions which makes it a favorite pet. The dog is easy to socialize and adapts fast to a new environment.

10.Life Span

Pugs can live for an average of 12 years, but with proper nutrition and care, these dogs can outlive this lifespan by many more years.
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