Top 10 Benefits Of Having A Bulldog


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The Bulldog is a dog breed that is medium-sized and commonly known as the British Bulldog or English Bulldog. It’s a hefty and muscular dog with a pushed-in nose and a wrinkled face.

Bulldogs are a popular pure breed in the US that have a characteristic wide head and shoulders and a pronounced mandibular. Its brow has thick folds of skin and round black wide eyes.

The Bulldog has hanging skin under its neck, pointed teeth, and drooping lips. Its coat is flat, short and sleek with colors of fawn, white, red, brindle or piebald.

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Bulldogs were originally used to drive cattle to the market and also competed in a sport known as bullbaiting before it was outlawed.

Today, the Bulldog is a gentle and loyal companion who is preferred by most dog owners. Here are the top 10 benefits of having a Bulldog.Contents showThey are friendly to children.Excellent guard dogsThey are comical dogs.Attract a lot of attentionA low maintenance dogGood adaptabilityA strong dogHigh energy levelsA good pet and family dogGood temperament

They are friendly to children.

Despite their mean appearance, Bulldogs are quite friendly to children and can even tolerate their random provocation. Its an excellent choice for families with kids since the Bulldog is very fond of children and always keeps a protective eye over them during play. A Bulldog can be aggressive during meal times; thus it is essential to keep your children away from the dog when it’s feeding.

Excellent guard dogs

Although not very aggressive like the former bullfighters, these dogs are extremely protective of their owners and won’t hesitate to challenge a perceived threat when in a situation that calls for it.

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They are comical dogs.

Bulldogs are natural clowns with funny facial expressions that will brighten your mood especially when you have had a long and stressful day.

Attract a lot of attention

The Bulldog has a physical demeanor that will surely make heads turn when taking a walk down the street as people are curious to watch this powerful dog and its characteristic swagger that even captures the attention of strangers.

A low maintenance dog

Bulldogs are easy to maintain since they shed moderately. They require a weekly brushing session with a rubber pad or a bristle brush. Occasional baths are also recommended but avoid bathing your dog too often as this might destroy protective oils that are naturally found on their skin.

Good adaptability

This dog adapts well to apartment living and is a perfect choice for inexperienced and new dog owners. The Bulldog can tolerate extremely cold weather conditions and is a popular dog due to its ability to alter itself to new environments fast.

A strong dog

The Bulldog is one of the strongest dog breeds that is heavily muscled; this makes the dog active and energetic.

High energy levels

The Bulldog has a low to moderate energy level making it suited to all types of homes. It’s a laid back dog that does not require too much exercise to keep it happy.

A good pet and family dog

The Bulldog is incredibly friendly towards family and strangers. It’s a faithful dog and is extremely protective of its loved ones. They are an excellent companion and will do anything to please their owners. This dog is friendly to other pets in the home like cats.

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Good temperament

The English Bulldog has a quiet personality, yet social and friendly. Its a less aggressive dog that rarely barks unless provoked.


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