7 Things That Make Your Dog Happy


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You lost a special someone, failed a promotion, experienced a family problem, or lost a job. 

Still, your dogs are always there at the most challenging point of your life.

They help you forget, make you happy, become a better version of yourself, get stronger than ever, and appreciate life. 

Ask a question, get an answer ASAP!Ask a question, get an answer ASAP!

Now, it is time to give back. If you have been together for years now, you, of course, want the best for your buddies.

But it is a bit tricky how to make them happy. We understand you, and we feel the same way.

That is why we gather some of the things that will make your dogs joyful and energetic. 

Let’s dive into it! Contents show1. Surprise Them With Some Homemade Treats2. Buy Them with Toys3. Feed Them a High-Quality Pet Food4. Invest in a Comfy Bedding5. Provide Fresh and Clean Water6. Dress them Up7. Your Attention

1. Surprise Them With Some Homemade Treats 

Dogs love treats, and there are many delicious choices to pick from online and offline. 

But if you have some spare time, it is always good to homemade prep treats for them. 

The question is, what type of treats would your dogs enjoy? Well, there’s a wide variety for your buddies. 

If your Golden Retriever or Labrador loves peanut butter, why don’t you surprise them with peanut butter treats? Good idea! 

But what if you are a terrible cook? Could you still make it good? Definitely! There is nothing to worry about.

Peanut butter treat is a simple recipe. All you need to use are 2 cups of flour, two eggs, and a half cup of peanut butter.

That’s it! Then, mix every ingredient. Be sure to add enough water until it is easy to roll out as dough. 

If they are allergic to peanuts, there are other excellent alternatives to try. How about chicken dog treats? The ingredients include:

  • A cup of diced chicken.
  • A half-cup of rice.

  • Three tbs of rice flour.
  • A piece of egg.
  • Enough parsley. 

If you do not have extra chicken in your fridge, beef is a good substitute. 

2. Buy Them with Toys 

Do you have an energetic breed of dogs like Border Collie, Labrador Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, Belgian Malinois, Standard Poodle, Siberian Husky, Australian Cattle Dog, Bernese Mountain Dog, or Jack Russell Terrier? 

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If yes, you are probably exhausted and confused about keeping up with their energy level.

Do not worry. You are not alone. Other pet owners experience the same thing. 

While many things run in your mind, buying them with some toys is worth it.

But what specific toys should you invest in and purchase? Good choices include balls, rope toys, puzzle toys, chew toys, treat-dispensing toys, and stuffed toys. 

But be careful when looking for options. Instead of taking advantage of the cheapest brands, be willing to spend more.

Invest in something that’s the highest quality possible. 

Besides keeping your buddies active, toys can help alleviate their boredom, promote healthy teeth/gums, stimulate intelligence, facilitate development, provide companionship, build independence, and love you more. 

But do not leave them alone. Play with them as much as possible. You would also find it fun. 

What if you have a busy schedule? Can you play with your buddies? Of course! Everything is possible if you want it. 

3. Feed Them a High-Quality Pet Food

Another thing that would make your dogs happy is by giving them high-quality, nutrient-packed, and delicious pet food. 

But that does not mean you need to change your buddies’ food right away. Introduce new food systematically and gradually. There’s no need to rush. 

Changing their diet at once increases their risks of suffering from diarrhea, indigestion, and other serious health conditions. As a pet owner, you do not want to happen. So, take your time. 

Whether your dog gets pickier lately or you are planning to look for another brand of pet food, there are different options you should consider. 

But you are perhaps overwhelmed by the variety of choices regardless of your experience as a pet owner. 

While there is much information to narrow down and handle, spend time reading food labels.

But the data can be misleading sometimes. The trick is to look for companies that meet or exceed the AFFCO guidelines or use the finest ingredients.

Then, choose any meat-based item. Also, avoid products that contain excess preservatives and fillers. 

But if you still find it confusing, nothing can beat the services of a licensed and certified professional. 

4. Invest in a Comfy Bedding 

After a tiring day, your dogs need some rest. But the floor is cold, and the carpet is not thick enough.

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Let them relax and have a quality night’s sleep in cozy bedding to be ready for another day. 

When they have enough time to rest, they will not be lethargic, weak, and moody. Comfortable bedding can indeed make them happy. 

A cozy bed will keep your pup warm, prevent calluses, support arthritis, and avoid anxiety.

But what kind of bedding to invest in and provide your dogs?

Like toys, bedding comes in various types and styles, including flat pads, snuggle beds, best beds, bolsters, homemade beds, waterproof beds, and donut-shaped beds. 

Of course, you want something cheap and of good quality? Mats or flat pads will be your best bet. It will keep your pets comfortable without causing you a fortune. 

If you want something unique, donut-shaped beds should be on top of your buying list.

They are stylish and stunning worthy of your recommendations to your close friends and relatives. 

If your puppies have medical needs or are seniors, heated, orthopedic, and coat-style beds are for you. You would make your dogs the happiest pets ever. 

5. Provide Fresh and Clean Water

Like humans, dogs are made up of 80% of water. Without enough water, your buddies will get lethargic and dehydrated. 

Bring back their energy and happiness with fresh and clean water. 

Water would help your dogs function, flush toxins, regulate body temperature, and restore their sniffing power. 

But how much water do dogs need? It depends on different factors, including the weather, size, activity level, and age. 

Generally, they need to drink at least 8.5 ounces of water per 10 pounds.

That means a 50-pound pooch requires around 42 ounces of liquid to stay hydrated and happy. 

If they are too active, they need more water. Place a bowl of water in a spot where they can easily reach and access it. 

Be sure to replenish their water bowl regularly. If you take a walk with your dogs or it is summer season, let them drink enough water they need every day. 

When your dogs suffer from dehydration, do not let them untreated for a few hours.

The best thing to do is to consult a certified, licensed, and experienced vet. Any guesswork will not help.

While it requires extra costs, your dogs’ safety is what matters the most.

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6. Dress them Up 

Nothing would make dogs with light or thin coats of fur happier with a cozy and fashionable dress during the winter season. 

The extreme cold weather is not manageable for light-coated dogs without a sweater.

That is why you see chihuahuas bundled up during the long cold season.

You can do the same thing with your Beagle, Belgian Malinois, Basset Hound, Basenji, Anatolian Shepherd dog, and other breeds. 

Aside from protecting them from the weather, dogs’ clothes will enhance their looks and make them more adorable than you have expected. 

But choosing the right clothes for your puppies is not easy. You perhaps get confused about the variety of options on the market. 

If you have a senior or sensitive dog, look for quality fabric, including fleece, knits, blends, and cotton.

Many pet owners are comfortable with blends. You can also follow the trend.

Apart from the fabric, consider the size of your dog. If you have Mastiff or Great Dane, pick clothes made for large breeds.

They should neither be too loose nor tight. Opt for the best size. 

Another thing to consider is your budget. Whether you are on a tight budget or are willing to spend more on a fashionable dress, there are cheap and luxury brands for you. 

7. Your Attention

Our time, love, and attention are the most important things that could keep our dogs happy and healthy. 

A cuddle and a caress on their head mean a lot to our puppies. Spending our time with our dogs is the best thing we could ever give to them. 

But how to maximize our time with them? Have you ever tried working out together? Not yet?

This time is a perfect opportunity. You can take a walk with them, hike in the dog park, or have a bike ride together. 

It not only strengthens your relationship but also helps both of you stay fit. 

You can also schedule playdates for the two of you. Get their toys for indoor or outdoor play. Vary your game to incite their interest and attention, too. 

Plus, you can make grooming a new bonding experience. While there are certified grooming professionals to hire, you can do the process yourself. 

We hope this guide helps you. Happy pet ownership! 


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