How to Train Your Dog to Listen to You


Dogs are one of the most loved pet animals globally because of their high intelligence and capability to take orders, which is why they are also used in various defense services.

If you want to train your dog to listen to whatever you want, you need to know some things beforehand.Contents showThings About Having A Dog As Your PetWhat Dog Needs?Why Your Dog Needs to Listen to YouTips To Train Your Dog listen To You.Step By Step Process Of Making Your Dog To Listen To You

Things About Having A Dog As Your Pet

Your dog can be your best friend if you would be kind to him; he will surely return all your favors with a never-ending love from his side. There are many things about a dog which you should know,

Ask a question, get an answer ASAP!Ask a question, get an answer ASAP!

  • Dogs always stand by your side in every situation, no matter what happens.

If you can create a bond with them, they become the most excellent pets ever for you.

  • Protects you and your things; they always watch over you and try to protect you no matter what stands in their way.

They bark at people who feel in danger for you or your homes and things. You can consider them as personal security for your home and yourself.

  • They also help you be fit; taking your dog for a walk or playing with it is so much fun that it also enables you to stay fit and active all the time.

The moments with them will be so much fun and pleasure; people forget everything while playing with dogs. So having a dog as a pet makes you happy and fit also.

  • He gives you company; you can build so much compassion from both sides with your dog.

They don’t let you feel alone ever; they mostly prefer to stay with their owners and love them to the limits they can.

So if you feel alone because of any reason, just get a dog as your pet; they will cuddle with you, always play with you, and do everything they can to make you happy. The more you, the more they love you in return.

What Dog Needs?

They are your real friends and if you want them to listen to you. You also have to give them the love they deserve. There are many things which a dog need,

  • Natural food does never forget to feed your dogs.

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We all are living creatures and need food to sustain our lives to live healthy lives. Food is an essential requirement and thus needs to be fulfilled.

  • Regular walk and playing games with them.

Keeping your dog always in your home is like keeping him in a cage. Every day take your dog on walks and play with them. That will make a strong bond between you and your dog. Playing with him also keeps your body fit and always active.

  • So much love, the more you love, the more they will return that back.

Cuddle with him; make your dog feel how much you love him. Be compassionate to him always. Keep him healthy and always be there for him like he watches your back all the time. Buy him toys and things he likes and sometimes give him the food he wants to eat.

These are the things that your dog needs, but the most important is giving love; the stronger your bond will be with him, the more he will listen to whatever you say him to do.

Why Your Dog Needs to Listen to You

You can’t shout at your dog to make him listen to you; that is equally like an assault as they have a compassionate heart filled with love to give you.

But you have to train your dogs some morals such as not barking or chasing cats, potty training, etc. You can still make time to follow what you say to him. There are many reasons why dogs need to listen to you.

  • To be more disciplined, dogs are disciplined pets, so they are also part of your defense in many countries’ defense units.

If you become able to make him follow your commands, you can stop him from doing things such as barking at cats and chasing them.

  • To play with them, if your dog doesn’t understand your commands, it is very hard to play with them.

Cuddling with him is fun, but the real fun is playing outdoor games with him. That makes you active and gives you immense happiness, which you want to get in any other way.

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Tips To Train Your Dog listen To You.

There are many general things which you have to begin and make it easy to communicate your commands to your dog,

  • Give your dog a name; if you want to give your dog a name, he might not consider your commands, the commands for himself.

A name specifying him to do some work, he wants to understand when you are giving him a command and just talking with him. Giving a name makes it easier for everyone to train the dog correctly.

  • Be patient; start with basics such as giving commands for sitting, standing, walking, and rolling over the floor.

Don’t push yourself and your dog too much to make him listen to you. Give time to these things and try to create a bond with him.

The more time you and your dog spend together, the more you will be able to communicate your commands easily to your dogs.

  • Avoid distracting places for training; it is a good idea to train the dog in a quiet place so he doesn’t get distracted because of the surrounding sounds and be able to connect with you.

There are so many things you and your dog have to go through, and training your dog for listening is a very hard time for the relationship between you, so it would be better if no other things get involved during the training.

Step By Step Process Of Making Your Dog To Listen To You

Follow these steps to make your dog properly trained to listen to whatever command you give.

  • Give A Name, Naming your dog is the first step because you need to specifically signify to your dog that you are giving the command to him.

He needs to understand when he gives orders, which you can make easy by commanding him after calling his name. In the beginning, it is vital, but later, you can directly command without calling the name.

  • Start giving basic training; basics include the training for movements such as sitting, standing and rolling.

Keep on giving commands every time, and in some time, your dog will be able to understand what you want him to do. As it is just the beginning of your dog’s training, it may take a little time for your dog to follow even these simple commands.

  • Give rewards; when your dog starts to follow your command, don’t forget to give an award to your dog for everything he does right.

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Rewards will motivate your dog to follow your orders in the future. This may show many positive effects on the training of your dog.

  • Move to advance training slowly; once your dog starts following your basic orders, you should start giving the orders like bringing something, picking something, and doing other things.

Give it time, and it will make your dog get it all right what you want them to do.

  • Practice repeatedly repeating the training at regular intervals.

Once they have started following your order, try to give them the same orders regularly, so they remember it whenever you command them to do the thing.

Conclusion and suggestions

The training with your dog is not going to be easy; you have to be patient as this takes time. Forcing your dog too hard for early results is not good for your relationship with your dog.

Forcing him to follow your orders will ruin your relation of you with your dog. The most important thing is being compassionate with your dog and giving him all the love he deserves. Try always to call him with his name during training whenever he gets distracted because of anything.

Rewarding your dog is one of the most essential things; thus, never forget this step. Make your dog believe in you and motivate you to follow things as you say.

Dogs are known for their discipline, and thus teaching them these things is a little easier, but this is not the case with every dog. If your dog takes more time, be patient, and don’t push so hard for him to follow your orders.

The training period is lovely between you and your dog, so enjoy this more and don’t take it as a challenge because you have to be more focused on creating a beautiful pet and owner relationship with your dog.SharePin

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