Facts about Bichon Maltese Mixed Dog Breed


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A Bichon Maltese is a small, stylish, and square-shaped mixed dog breed in terms of their description. It has a proportional body size wherein its skull is flat and broad, along with a prominent stop.

Also, it has a long and proportional muzzle to the skull with a big and long hair covering its body. Its nose is black, and the eyes are round, black, and big. Its ears are in medium triangular shape covered with long, drooping, and rich hair.

For its tail, it’s long and keeps on rolling back while being covered by its hair. Lastly, for its hair, a Bichon Maltese has long and silky white to cream-colored hair. 

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What’s a Bichon Maltese mix? 


Among the breeds of Bichon, the Maltese are considered the oldest breed. It is believed that this breed has existed during the Pharaoh’s age.

This is because of the traces found in 350 BC in Egypt inside Ramses II’s tomb, which are statues of a Bichon Maltese dog. Some records prove this mixed dog breed in Italy during the reign of Emperor Claudius in 45 BC.

The ladies’ favorite became its name, according to Aristotle. Aside from that, ancient authors often take this dog’s beauty as an inspiration that pushed many Greeks to even build tombs for them.

There is a painting by Titian that shows a Maltese dog in 1576. In short, the Bichon Maltese is the most popular mixed dog breed during the Middle Ages up to now. 


Another thing, a Bichon Maltese has diverted personalities. They can be intelligent, playful, sociable, sensitive, friendly, smart, and lively.

They are also affectionate, devoted, and obedient to their fur parents. When there are children around, this mixed dog breed can be lovable, making them a fluff ball playmate of the children.

However, a Bichon Maltese can still be vigilant and cautious when there are strangers.

Still, they can effectively get along with friends and other dogs, making them one of the best household dogs. 


In terms of their grooming, Bichon Maltese needs daily combing, bathing, and brushing of fur so that every excess hair they grow can be taken from their eyes, ears, and even the footpads.

Normally, they don’t shed that much but removing their excess, and unhealthy hair is a must. The best thing to do for their hair on the head is to tie it up into a bow or ribbon. This can help to avoid their eyes being covered by their hair.


Bichon Maltese is a smart and active mixed dog breed. That’s why they can easily master once they were trained. Their excellent senses help them to make training periods effective and easy. Still, training needs gentleness and consistency. 

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Living Conditions 

This mixed dog breed loves to live in an apartment together with their affectionate and loving fur parents. They may not be used to walks, but they can walk for miles when there’s a chance.

Also, since they’re active and playful, this breed wouldn’t mind playing for hours in a dog park along with other dogs and friends. 


Bichon Maltese are affectionate and very loving dog breeds that make the best life companion. If you are living alone, owning one will benefit you in so many ways. 

What does the Bichon Maltese mix look like? 

Bichon Maltese is a small mixed breed of dog. It comes in the two most common colors, which are white and cream.

Its legs are short and small, making it cute whenever it’s running. But never underestimate this dog, as it can get aggressive and protective whenever a threat comes along to them and their owners.

Also, they have big and round eyes that their long, silky hair can cover. That is why their hair needs to be tied up into a ribbon or bow to keep them tidy.

Another thing, Bichon Maltese have a proportional body. Their head is flat and round that goes along with their long body. 

How big does the Bichon Maltese mix get?

In terms of their size and weight, Bichon Maltese are small. Their weight can reach only 4.4 to 6.6 lbs, while their height can only be 7.8 to 9.5 inches.

These sizes make them small and easy to carry. Still, Bichon Maltese should not be underestimated as they can be aggressive and protective when needed. 

How much does the Bichon Maltese mix weigh?

For their weight, Bichon Maltese reaches 6.6 lbs only. This makes them small and lights, which is considered advantageous according to most of their owners who find more comfort and ease when taking care of them.

Also, in terms of this, Bichon Maltese must stay on the proportional weight to their body. This can help them to avoid obesity, as well as generate different diseases that can take their life easily.

So, providing them enough and good nutrition every day will make a big contribution in prolonging their existence. Another thing, Bichon Maltese can have a good daily walk if possible to help strengthen their body.

Though they are tiny dog breeds, they still need physical activities to stabilize their weight and their health. Besides, there are many places to walk to, such as the park, mall, or even home. 

Do Bichon Maltese mix shed?

Yes. Though a small mixed dog breed, Bichon Maltese has lots of hair to the point that it needs to be tied up. This mixed-breed dog has long and silky white hair that can cover its face and whole body.

Given that, they shed a lot that calls the attention of its owners. They need to be brushed and groomed every once to avoid their hair from hitting the floor every time they walk.

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If you can’t, then relying on the local groomer near your place is the best choice. Here, they have the best services and professional practice to transform your Bichon Maltese to its cleanest and tidiest version.

Don’t forget to bring them to bath regularly, especially due to their hair that can have an odor when they go everywhere. Use gentle and appropriate shampoo for their safety. 

How often should you bathe a Bichon Maltese mix?

Regularly. If you are a busy person, then taking them to the bathe can be great to four times per week. However, if you’re just staying at home, bringing them to the bath every day can have many advantages.

The first thing to do is to keep them odorless. As this mixed dog breed is known for being active, they can easily acquire an odor, especially outdoor.

Second, it can keep them clean. Bichon Maltese is known for its color, white to cream, so keeping them clean by giving them regular baths is a must.

This also makes them presentable whenever they are around other people and kids. Third, it keeps them cool and refreshed. During summer or just hot days, Bichon Maltese finds it hard to deal with heat.

That’s why taking them to bath regularly will help keep them cool and refreshed. It can also help them stay hydrated, which is badly needed by dogs. 

Do Bichon Maltese mix dogs bark a lot?

Yes. Bichon Maltese, though it comes in a small size, are good barkers. Whenever they see someone unusual and new to them, they bark.

Whenever they feel threatened and unsafe, especially their owners, they will never hesitate to bark. They have a good instinct of when to and not to bark. They learn easily how to adapt and see to it whether their bark is needed.

But above all, this mixed dog breed has a good bark. It isn’t that loud, and it isn’t that low. It barks averagely, and it doesn’t hurt your ears. 

Moreover, there is one thing where this mixed dog breed can’t stop barking, and that is when it enjoys good playtime at the park, home, or elsewhere.

Once it learned the environment and seizes the fun moments, this breed can’t hide its excitement and happiness and barks a lot. Still, it isn’t annoying nor hurtful to the ears as they bark averagely. Great, isn’t it? 

Is Bichon Maltese mix hypoallergenic?

Yes, the Bichon Maltese mix is hypoallergenic. This then means that anyone can take a closer look, cuddle, and play with this dog as they bring no harm, especially to those who are allergic and has cardio-vascular complications.

Well, thanks to their shedding, which makes their hair safe to play with. Although it can reach long, their hair does not bring any allergic contents or pollens that can harm people they make contact with. 

So, the owners of this mixed dog breed need to brush and clean their dogs regularly. Although they are hypoallergenic yet keeping them clean and tidy will guarantee more safety to make contact with.

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Always consider using appropriate dog shampoo to take good care of their fur and whole body. Also, don’t over-bathe them, as health complications can also come. 

Is Bichon Maltese mix easy to train?

Bichon Maltese, although it comes in a cute size, has a lot to show off. They can be aggressive and protective when needed, as well as cute and fluffy.

Aside from that, they can also get trained easily, thanks to their good personality. So, here are the reasons why this mixed dog breed is an easy to train one. 

  • Obedient 

Bichon Maltese is an obedient breed of dog. It follows every movement shown by the trainer.

It can also catch up on things and lessons taught to them. That’s why many dog trainers consider this breed a must-have as they can be taught several worthy things.

  • Good Follower 

Also, this mixed dog breed is a good follower. It can learn every movement easily, pushing them to imitate it when commanded. They can run, jump, and bark. 

  • Easy to Carry and Control 

Compared to other dogs, this breed is unique. It can be easily carried when in training due to its cute size.

This makes it easy for the trainers to pick them up when they mess up. Also, they are easy to control as they are obedient and listens well. Once there is a command, they know how to follow and execute it. 

Bichon Maltese mix behavior problems

In terms of behavior problems, Bichon Maltese does not have too much headache. As mentioned above, they are obedient and easy to control.

They are the mixed dog breed that knows how to follow, is aggressive and cute, all at once. They are lively and playful when in the mood and can also become grumpy or lazy.

However, their active and lively personality lives the most. That is why there are no problems encountered when it comes to their behavior; if there are, then better to take them to the veterinary office for a check-up. 

How much does the Bichon Maltese mix cost?

Being an ancient and inspiring mixed dog breed, Bichon Maltese’s puppy can cost from $450- $1000. Expensive, right? That is because of the personality, appearance, and benefits of taking one.

For the adult, the price varies depending on the gender and agenda. If you’re going to make it a household dog, then it’s way cheaper. 

Where to buy/adopt a Bichon Maltese mix dog?

Buying and adopting dogs is easy, but there is a bit of hardship in a Bichon Maltese. Due to this dog mixed breed is an ancient one, people have limited access from buying one.

It is also expensive. That’s why dog shops can’t afford to buy and sell them. But if you’re eager to find one, then you can check different dog stores or search online. 

Dog Rescue websites and Centers

  • https://www.adoptapet.com/s/adopt-a-maltese
  • https://smallpawsrescue.org/adopt-a-bichon/


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