10 Things Only a Maltese Owner Would Understand


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Long for a favorite dog, the Maltese should suit that role admirably. The reason I pointed out this is that these dogs are increasingly becoming the funniest and the smartest.

Ask anybody who has had time with these purse-dog pets; they will tell you that a Maltese isn’t just a breed, it’s a way of life not to point out some who hold the fact that they are the cutest dogs ever to grace the planet.

Their glistening coat of silky white adds onto their haughty nobility.

Ask a question, get an answer ASAP!Ask a question, get an answer ASAP!

There are of course some things only their owners would understand. This article will give you a scoop of these things.

Contents showThey think they are smarter than you.They need a lot of exercises.Health problems are common in Maltese dogs, but they are strong enough to overcome them.Their pet insurance plan is expensive.Maltese dogs are great food lovers.Difficulty in training.Good with Kids.They are slightly active.Separation anxiety.They are notorious but poor in housebreaking.

They think they are smarter than you.

This is cool especially if it’s happening with your pooch.

You’ll find your pup trying to perform some subtle cues to draw you more intimately especially if it wants you to do something for them.

Various researches have also pointed out that a Maltese can understand your emotions. You will find them cuddling up to you when you are sad or sick.

They need a lot of exercises.

This could be discouraging especially for those who adamantly believe that dogs are not worth their attention.

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The point means that you will have to take your pup for a stroll down the block more regularly.
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Health problems are common in Maltese dogs, but they are strong enough to overcome them.

In spite of being susceptible to health conditions, a Maltese is tough enough to cope up with it.

However, health issues crop up from any breed and so these issues are common to all purebred canines.

Their pet insurance plan is expensive.

A Maltese’s insurance costs are more than for any other mixed breed.

This is because these dogs claim hereditary conditions that are expensive to treat.

However, don’t be discouraged by this, it’s an admirable dog worth the extra effort.

Maltese dogs are great food lovers.

Eating is an excellent rule of the thumb for these dogs.

However, it’s necessary that you feed your pup with foods enriched with proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fats.

Still, commercial puppy food may contain essential ingredients to support your pet’s development.

Difficulty in training.

Your perseverance is crucial when training your pup adequately. They are exceedingly playful and are often distracted from your training sessions.

Good with Kids.

There is a suitable breed suited for kids, and it’s known to be energetic and affectionate.

They are slightly active.

Not much training is needed to keep your pet in proper physical conditions. Owners who are away or busy might find this breed fit for their lifestyle.

Separation anxiety.

A Maltese needs a great deal of companionship and will not like being left alone for some hours.

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They tend to express their unhappiness through destructive barking.

They are notorious but poor in housebreaking.

As a behavioral pattern, many breeds will tend to run outside when they feel an urge in their tiny bladder.

For Maltese dogs, they hate cold and being wet and will opt to attend to the call inside the house.

An indoor litter box might work well for your Maltese.

In conclusion, many people acquire a toy breed without understanding how fragile they are.

You can kill your pup just by sitting on it while it’s curled under a pillow or blanket.

It’s necessary that you maintain constant surveillance and supervision on your pup.

It’s also recommended that you keep your pet on a leash when not under your control to avoid tampering with things just too easy injure him.

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