12 Unique Friendships Between Dogs and Other Animals


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Dogs are known to be a man’s best friend; this is evident from the number of people adopting and buying dogs and incorporating them into their families. In other instances, you will find that some prefer having over having kids. They offer great companionship and can also serve to guard your family.

You may wonder, can a dog make friends with other animals? It may sound far-fetched, but dogs are easy to make friends with. Let’s look at amazing stories of how dogs make friends with other animals from various parts of the world.Contents show12 Animals Dogs Have Formed a Lasting Bond With1. Dogs and Leopards2. Piglet and Dog3. Dog and Hedgehog4. Monkey and Dog5. Dogs and Ducks6. Bulldog and Tiger7. Dog and Elephant8. Cats and Dogs9. Dogs and Deer10. Dog and Fox11. Dogs and Turtles12. Dog and Cheetah

12 Animals Dogs Have Formed a Lasting Bond With

Dogs are friendly animals driven by instinct and can also be trained to bond with other types of animals. However, the stories in this article show friendships formed out of instinct.

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1.   Dogs and Leopards

This unique friendship is observed between a Golden Retriever and Slati, the leopard. The two formed a friendship bond during their morning exercises and became buddies.

The owner of the golden retriever, Richard Brooker, attests to seeing the two roam around his property daily. With the help of a local vet, Brooker adopted the leopard. This shows us how even natural predators can be united by friendship despite their differences.

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2.   Piglet and Dog

This adorable relationship is observed when a French Bulldog named Baby visited an animal sanctuary in Germany, Lehnitz, and met six piglets. Upon seeing the little piglets, Baby ran over and snuggled with them. This shows that animals click with each other. And like humans whose instinct is to fuss over infants, the same is observed in dogs.

3.   Dog and Hedgehog 

At first glance, a hedgehog and a dog don’t seem like they would get along. But when a tiny hedgehog named Minnie was adopted into a home with dogs in Surrey, England, they became best buddies. They play and cuddle together for nap time.

4.   Monkey and Dog

In India, there is a fantastic story of friendship between an orphaned monkey and a street puppy who had both been abandoned. The monkey adopted the puppy and was often seen hugging the puppy. And this was the start of their friendship. This shows that true friendship knows no boundaries.

5.   Dogs and Ducks 

A relationship between a dog and a duck sounds weird, but it’s the most magical thing you’ll see in your lifetime. Pam Ishiguro is a farm owner with seven ducks and a dog.

The dog’s name is Rudy, and the duck is called Barclay. The two are constantly seen hopping and playing together, and when they happen to be separated, you can hear them calling for each other, Ishiguro says.

Another relationship between a dog and a duck is observed when Dennis, the duckling’s mother, is mauled by a fox. Dennis was later rescued by Fred the Labrador and his owner, Jeremy. Fred and Dennis became best buddies, and Fred helped take care of the duck.

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6.   Bulldog and Tiger

This incredible friendship is observed in Shirotori Zoo in Japan, where a French Bulldog and a baby tiger bond. The mother rejected the baby tiger, prompting the dog’s motherly instincts, and started caring for and nursing the baby tiger.

Another relationship between a tiger and a dog is seen in a zoo in Siberia, where a dog is seen nursing a baby tiger whose mother refused to nurse.

7.   Dog and Elephant 

The unique relationship between dogs and elephants is seen between Bella and Bubble. Bella is a Labrador Retriever that formed a deep relationship with Bubble the elephant. They were both rescued from Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina.

Bubble the elephant was rescued after her parents were killed by poachers while Bella was found in a rescue center, and the two met when a contractor building Bubble’s pool left the dog behind.

The two love going for a splash together, and you might get a rare sighting of them playing fetch.

8.   Cats and Dogs 

As the two most popular human pets, you’ll find that cats and dogs can make fantastic friends. One study found that cats prefer spending time with other cats more than humans or other animals.

However, if a dog and cat are raised together, they often become best friends, chasing each other around, snuggling for naps, and even grooming one another.  

9.   Dogs and Deer

This great bond is observed between a Great Dane named Kate and a baby deer. The two grew up together, and as the deer grew older, he moved back into the forests to be with his kind and raise a family, but the deer made a point of visiting Kate the Great Dane.

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10. Dog and Fox  

This unique bond is seen between a dog named Tinni and Sniffer, the wild fox. The two became fast friends after they met in Norway, and Tinni’s owner, Torgeir Berge, has several photos of the pair playing in the forest.

11. Dogs and Turtles 

As we’ve seen, dogs can make friends with almost any animal, and turtles are no exception. In Paris, a dog and a turtle are seen co-existing in the same apartment peacefully, and they both respect each other’s space. This goes to show that friendship exists in all shapes and sizes.

12. Dog and Cheetah

This fantastic friendship was observed between Kasi and Mtani, who were brought up together at Bush Garden in the United States. It was a delight to watch the two interact.

And as they grew older, Kasi the Cheetah started to withdraw and associate with other female cheetahs in a neighboring pen. Although Kasi spends more time with fellow cheetahs, she maintains a great bond with Mtani as they are both seen visiting schools and other places together.

Final Thoughts

It’s remarkable how dogs have made friends with animals across different species. These stories will surely put a smile on anyone’s face and remind us of the power of friendship.

Whether between two dogs, a dog and a human, an elephant, or even a dog and a fox- these stories show that true love and friendship know no boundaries.SharePin

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