5 Easy Puppy Training Games


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Your puppy is your best friend, and you have to make sure that their playing activities are right on time. If you don’t want your puppy to gain weight, you need to make sure that they are running around.

The tedious job to run around is a bit overkill for your pup. You need to make sure that you can entertain your pup with some awesome games.

These awesome games will help them have it all and even help you have a good time with them. Here are some of the most accessible games that you can ultimately play with your dog.

Ask a question, get an answer ASAP!Ask a question, get an answer ASAP!Contents show1. Fetch and Sit GameHow to play it?Where can you play it?2. Finding a hiding spot for themHow to play it?Where can you play it?3. Calling your dogHow to play it?Where can you play this game?4. Answer the Bell GameHow to play it?When can you play this game?5. The stick gameHow to play it?Where can you play this game?How do these games benefit you?

1. Fetch and Sit Game

Want your dog to be respectful and listen to everything that you say? Well, then you can play the fetch and sit games with them. You have to throw in the ball, and then you can ask them to sit around.

When they catch the ball, they will sit, and it will mark something positive for your dog. They will understand that you are trying to make them obedient.

How to play it?

Take a ball and ask your dog to catch it when you fetch. When they bring the ball, you can ask them to sit around. While they are sitting around, you can ask them to deliver the ball to you.

This way, your dog will know when to relax when you have to play with them. It will be an amazing way to teach your dog to help themselves have a right turn.

Where can you play it?

You can play this amazing game of catching and sitting with the ball at your home. You can take your dog to the terrace and then ask them to regularly do so.

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It is a good game where you and your dog will both have time. But it can train them healthily, and you don’t have to mind over that concept where your dog sits at your home idly.

2. Finding a hiding spot for them

Now this game is rather unusual for both you and your dog. All you should do is find a good hiding and exciting place for them.

When you have found that place for your dog, make sure that they are comfortable playing this game. Your puppy has to be pleased with the games you are playing with them to have a good time.

How to play it?

Now the first thing you have to start is a place where you think your dog can go and hide. Once you have found that place, you need to inform your dog about the same. Then they can come finding for you.

This way, you can help your dog understand the idea and train them to see all the hidden things inside your home. It is a beautiful game that can help your dog be a sniffing expert.

Where can you play it?

Well, very honestly, this game can be played anywhere you like. For example, you can play this amazing game with your dog on the lawn.

You can even play this game with your dog if you want. Depending on how your dog likes it, you can bring new varieties to this amazing game according to their choice. It will help you and your dog has a good time and bond more.

3. Calling your dog

Another way to make sure that your dog has a good time is to call them out by their name. This game is readily accessible for you to play with your dog. You have to call out their name, and the work shall be done.

Make certain that you have a way to call out their name, or they won’t respond to the same. Once you have formulated that way to call out your dog, your dog will come to you, and then you can play this amazing game rightly with them.

How to play it?

You have to call out your amazing dog’s name. Once you have done it, they will respond to the said. It is easy to play it like this because it can help your dog become more responsive when calling them out.

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It is an amazing game, and once you play it with your dog, you will have a good time. All you have to do is take out the right chance; this way, your dog will know that you are calling them out. It will be a perfect way to help them learn and grow.

Where can you play this game?

Well, you can play this game on the lawn. Or, if you want, then your home is the perfect place where you can play this amazing game with your dog. It is simple and easy and ideal for training your dog.

4. Answer the Bell Game

The game is pretty simple, and if you can pay some attention, you can play it with your dog. You have to ring a bell in front of them and then answer it.

Once your puppy has heard that bell, then it will become costumed to them, and they can have a good time while they remember the bits and the parts.

How to play it?

To play this game with your pup is straight forward than you think. You have to find a good source out, and then the work shall be done.

You need to take out a bell for your pup and then ring it right in front of them. Once you are done with the whole ringing, you can leave it out, and your pup will enjoy it.

This is an amazing game through which you and your dog can have a good time. If you want to train them too, you can play this fantastic game with them. It is a perfect game to start the day with also.

When can you play this game?

Well, to play this game, there is no time. But it is preferred that you play this fantastic game at the start of the morning with your pup. Your pup will have a good time while they are playing this amazing game with you.

5. The stick game

This is the last game you can play with your pup. All you have to do is make sure that you have a good time while playing this fantastic game.

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This is how you can start the whole game. All you have to do is make sure that you have a stick that you can throw at your pup.

Once you are done with the throwing of the bat, your pup will be there to catch it. It is a fantastic game that you can try out with your pup in the best possible manner. It is a perfect game that you can try out with them, an ideal way to pass the time.

How to play it?

This game is perfectly natural for you to play. All you can do and need to do is find a stick for your pup.

Then when you are done with finding the bat, you have to throw it to your puppy. Then it will be perfect for you and your dog to have a good time.

Where can you play this game?

To play this game, you can try it out with your pup anytime. And for the place, the game is a simple game of catching the stick and collecting it. Then you can make sure that you and your pup are playing it inside your home.

This game is a perfectly reasonable game that can be tried out anywhere and anytime. Surely in the way you can, your pup will have a good time while you are playing off the match. This fantastic game is perfectly matched out and balanced for you and in the right way.

How do these games benefit you?

Your pup and you can play a fantastic game with you both having to have the load of fun that you want.

All you possess to do is play these easy games at your place, and they will be wholly loaded out for you.

You can make sure that you and your pup have a good time while playing this game so that it can be the perfect way to get them entertained, and at the same time, you both are going to have a good time.SharePin

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